Every second counts when you’re preparing to face the day. A seamless and stress-free morning routine provides time to savor a cup of coffee or enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the family. Ensure your bathroom sets you up for success and serenity during the perfect time of year. Using these design strategies in your Seacoast New Hampshire bathroom remodel just may make your mornings a little less hectic.

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Splurge on Custom Cabinets

Do you waste time in the morning because you can’t find anything in your overflowing bathroom cabinets? If your current bathroom has stock cabinets, keeping all of your toiletries and gadgets organized can be challenging. Luckily, your remodeler can build custom bathroom cabinets that offer separate compartments for towels, medicine, makeup, shaving equipment, hair styling tools, and toiletries, sized to your specifications. Build bathroom shelves to store everything that creeps onto your counters, and then build a few extra for things you don't yet know you'll want to store.

The choices are limitless when you choose custom cabinets. Want cabinets that not only feature ample storage but offer room for a small refrigerator or coffee station? Your remodeler can create any cabinet configuration you want the materials and finishes you prefer. Your designer and builder are great resources for ideas for your custom bathroom cabinets. Their experience provides examples, know-how, and insight.

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Build a Bathroom for the Ages

If you plan to live in your home indefinitely, you will likely need to consider accessibility and aging-in-place bathroom design options. Many of the items to make a bathroom safer for seniors also make your bathroom easier and quicker for anyone to operate. An ample wheelchair turn radius, easy-to-operate drawers and custom cabinets, and plenty of towel bars that double as grabs can set you up for an easy routine indefinitely.

Maximize Privacy with a Toilet Compartment

It doesn’t make sense to tie up the entire bathroom if one person needs to use the toilet in the morning. Enclosing the toilet in its own compartment (complete with a door) makes it much easier to share the bathroom and provides privacy for everyone.

Adding a toilet alcove or recess can make mornings much more pleasant in your house if you’re tired of listening to your kids squabble over the bathroom or you share the bathroom with a spouse or significant other. While one person takes care of business, someone else can shower, brush their teeth, style their hair, or put on makeup.

Embrace Togetherness with Double Sinks

It’s difficult to stick to your morning schedule when you share a sink with someone else. Chances are both of you end up feeling rushed, which may start your day off on a negative note. Adding double vanity sinks to your remodel is a simple way to remedy the problem. Choose side-by-side pedestal sinks to keep your space separate or ask your remodeler to create a custom vanity for matching under-mount or vessel sinks. Under-sink bathroom storage is another great opportunity for custom storage. Including less bathroom storage than you'll ultimately need is a common bathroom remodeling mistake.

hexagonal tile floor in new hampshire bathroom remodel

Turn Up the Light

Poor lighting is a problem in many bathrooms, particularly bathrooms in older homes. Although most bathrooms have windows, small or inconveniently located windows can block out natural light. Dim lighting or lack of task lighting is also a problem in many bathrooms. 

If you’ve ever shown up for work and noticed that you missed a spot shaving or failed to blend your foundation properly, you may be a victim of poor lighting. Luckily, your remodeler can upgrade overhead, cabinet, and task lighting; add skylights; or install large windows that let plenty of light in without compromising your privacy. 

Personalize Your Bathroom

Soaker Tub

Your remodel offers the opportunity to make your bathroom really work for you. Do you enjoy relaxing in the tub after a long day at work but your current bathtub is too shallow for a good soak? Add a deep soaking tub to your remodel. Tubs can be customized with chromotherapy lights or jets and are available in many styles to complement your décor.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Hate the feeling of stepping onto a cold bathroom floor on a New England winter day? Although you’ll be wide awake the instant your feet touch the icy floor, there are more pleasant ways to start the day. When your remodeler installs radiant floor heating, using the bathroom first thing in the morning will be a much more pleasant experience.

Luxurious Steam

Nothing is off-limits in your bathroom remodel. If you’re tired of your cramped, basic shower, why not update your bathroom with a steam shower, complete with a shower seat and a waterproof sound system? Do you feel better after spending time in the sauna at your gym or health club? That’s not surprising since sauna sessions improve blood circulation, remove toxins, reduce inflammation, and loosen tight muscles and joints. When you add a sauna to your bathroom renovation, you’ll enjoy all of those health benefits in your very own home.

Ultimate Relaxation and Comfort

Other features that can make your bathroom more efficient or luxurious include:

  • A towel-warming bar or oven
  • Bidet
  • High-tech, self-cleaning toilet
  • Waterproof television
  • Motion-activated faucets
  • Smartphone-controlled shower
  • Fireplace
  • Multiple jets or showerheads

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Choosing a remodeling company that offers design/build services streamlines the bathroom renovation process and may even shorten the length of your remodel because the same team handles every step. The design/build team at Oxland Builders is your one-stop call for the bathroom of your dreams. We’ll create a design plan that incorporates all of your preferences and must-have features and offer creative solutions to ease your bathroom woes.

Wondering about the cost of a bathroom remodel? We break it down for you here.

Once you sign off on the plan, the building team will begin your remodel. The design/build approach not only saves time but eliminates communication issues because everyone involved in your bathroom remodel works for the same company.

Are you ready to renovate your outdated, inefficient, small, or unattractive bathroom? If you live in the Seacoast New Hampshire area, get in touch with us. We’d love to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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