The beautiful scenery outside your window is one of the many benefits of living in Seacoast New Hampshire. Unfortunately, you may not be able to really enjoy the scenery if your home isn’t designed to take advantage of the view. Adding an outdoor deck not only expands your home’s entertaining space but offers the perfect place to enjoy ocean, lake, or bay views or watch the leaves change color in the fall. 

lounge chairs on deck at beach sunset in seacoast new hampshireWhat You Need to Consider When Planning Your Seacoast Deck

Before your remodeler can begin construction on your new deck, you’ll need to think about:

  • Location: Decks are often added in places where there are already windows, but you can add them to nearly any spot in your home. Would the north side of your home be the ideal spot for a deck but the living room wall is in the way? During a renovation, your remodeler can remove the wall and add sliding doors that lead to your new deck. Would you prefer your deck outside your kitchen, next to the living room, or adjacent to your second-floor master bedroom suite? The Oxland Builder’s design-build team will help you select the ideal location for your new deck.
  • Design: Do you want a basic rectangular deck, or were you imagining a multi-level structure with a bump-out section specifically designed to fit your favorite patio table? What about seating? Would you like to add built-in benches or have you already selected some comfortable outdoor furniture? Have you thought about features that would make your deck feel more luxurious, like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, fire pit, waterproof TV, or bar? Do you want a sliding door, French doors, or an entire wall of doors that open to create an indoor/outdoor entertaining space?
  • Roof: What about protection from the rain and sun? Adding a roof or awning to all or part of your deck will keep it from becoming too hot and offer protection from the rain. Although a pergola won’t keep the rain out, it does provide shade and adds a little architectural interest to your deck.

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  • Safety: What’s the maximum number of people who will be on the deck at one time? This information will help your remodeler ensure that the structure is capable of handling heavy weight loads.  Weight restrictions are also an important consideration if you’re planning to add a hot tub to the deck. Safety railings are a must, of course, but they don’t have to be ugly and utilitarian. Your remodeler can create railings that complement your home perfectly.
  • Number: Why settle for one deck when there’s room for two or more? Build a large deck off the kitchen and a smaller, private one that can only be accessed through your bedroom. If you’d like, connect the two decks for an even more entertaining space.
  • Price: What’s your budget for your deck addition? According to the Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value report (the latest available) for the Manchester, NH, area, the average wood deck addition costs $15,840, while the average composite deck costs $21,276. You’ll receive a 44.1% return on your investment for a wood deck and a 45.3% return for a composite deck. The report describes the average deck as 16’ x 20’ with three steps, a built-in bench and planter. Obviously, a larger, more complex deck or one constructed with more expensive building products will cost more.

custom deck in forest in seacoastHow to Build the Perfect Deck on the Seacoast

Selecting Materials for Your Deck

Choosing durable, attractive materials that won’t rot or become damaged easily will help you ensure that your deck remains strong and sturdy for years to come. Deck choices include:

  • Wood: Pressure-treated wood is the least expensive deck choice for good reason. The wood tends to warp and crack after a few years, causing painful splinters when you walk barefoot on the deck floor. Wood decks also require regular power washing and refinishing. Heartwood cedar is a step up from pressure-treated wood in appearance and rot resistance, although these decks still require regular maintenance. If you want a wood deck that can withstand wear, tear and bad weather, it may make sense to choose tropical hardwoods. These types of woods offer a more upscale look and are much less likely to crack or rot.
  • Composite: When composite decking materials were first introduced, many homeowners took one look at them and said, “No thanks!” While early composite decks looked cheap and plastic, the manufacturing processing for composite decking has improved since then. Composite materials today are made of wood fibers mixed with plastic and look nearly identical to wood. These materials won’t warp or splinter and never need to be refinished. In fact, you’ll only need to clean your deck occasionally to keep it looking brand new.

Adding a deck to your Seacoast, NH, house offers an excellent way to make your home more comfortable and inviting. Let us know when you’re ready to start your deck addition by calling our office or completing our contact form.

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