When the fall air becomes chilly, you may be tempted to turn your focus toward indoor home improvement projects. But wait–the fall season can be an ideal time for building a deck addition. In this month’s blog, the experts at Oxland Builders share four benefits of building a deck in the fall.

4 Benefits of Building a Deck in the Fall

1. Greater Scheduling Options and Contractor Availability

As home construction projects come to completion at the end of the summer, many firms have more flexibility to work with your schedule and complete your project in a timeframe that works for you.

2. Less Impact on your Existing Landscape

During the fall, plants and grass become dormant, and the overall ground is drier. This seasonal change protects your landscape from any stresses caused by heavy foot or machine traffic. By building a deck in the fall, when your perennials are “asleep,” you prevent any significant damage to your favorite blooms.

3. Optimal Weather Conditions

Fall weather is more predictable than that of spring or summer. There are fewer weather issues–like early spring snowfalls and rain, or summer thunderstorms–to cause delays in construction.

4. Extended Deck Usage

Building a deck in the fall guarantees you’ll be ready to enjoy it at the first sign of spring. When you install a deck in the fall, all of the construction happens when you and your family are cozy indoors, not when you’re ready to play outdoors.

“When the temperatures drop, many people think that outdoor construction comes to a halt, and this isn’t the case at all,” says Brad Oxland, owner of Oxland Builders. “In fact, we can sometimes get outdoor additions started during relatively warmer winter days and wrapped up in time for spring,” he adds.

Deck Design and Construction in NH

By building a deck this fall, it’ll be ready for you to enjoy all season long next year! The skilled craftsman at Oxland Builders can design and build one that’s perfect for you and your home. Contact us today.