You’re standing in your outdated space or new building plot with a dream, a wish, and a budget. It’s time to create the custom habitat you’ve always hoped for. When building a new home or remodeling, you naturally wonder how to take the first steps. If you have high standards and many must-have features on your wishlist, you’ll be best satisfied with a custom project, meaning everything is designed and built to order. 

You have two options when you build a custom space. You can hire a designer, create custom plans, then solicit bids from area builders and hire your favorite to build it. This is the design-bid-build. With a design-build construction project, one company does everything from the initial plans to the final walk-through.

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What Are the Benefits of Design-Build Custom Homes?

There are so many advantages of design-build residential construction. There’s a reason design-build firms are skyrocketing in popularity year after year. In a world where it is rarely possible, well-executed design-build construction delivers superior results faster and cheaper. The design-build process changes a bit about every step of the construction process, reducing waste, confusion, and inefficiency. Here’s how.

Budget Control

We hate how often it happens. A potential client brings us the plans they’ve had prepared and is shocked to learn that the project, as drawn, will substantially exceed their budget. In a design-build firm, we discuss the budget in detail upfront, so we’re confident that we’ve designed a plan we can build with the funds allotted. As builders, we have a real-time pulse on current construction costs and what it will take to create the elements you envision. We use this information to align your budget and vision during design to save you from the roller coaster of excitement, disappointment, and compromise that can come with designing a new home or remodeling and then finding a builder (design-bid-build). In fact, more design-build projects finish within the initial stated budget than their design-bid-build counterparts. When you understand the benefits and alternatives, it’s not hard to see why.

Single Point of Responsibility

You have one team for the entire design and construction process, so you aren’t searching for each member of your team or acting as the project manager while different agencies attempt to coordinate. You know exactly who to call when you have a question or concern. Your team of in-house professionals can consult internally to solve problems and clarify questions without positioning you in the middle of every aspect of the conversation. 

Construction Expertise During Design

Expert construction input during design keeps projects viable, and on budget, and expedites builds because everyone understands the plan and feels well-equipped to execute it. Sometimes, we need to use our connections to secure the right professionals to consult during design. As remodeling contractors, Oxland Builders are not experts in all aspects of construction. We partner with our subcontractors and vendors to ensure that the most skilled professionals possible tackle every aspect of your project. We can use our connections to get the right construction experts to weigh in during design. For example, we can tap into our engineering firm, electrician, or window supplier to help answer any question or guide us on the best approach or product.

An Established Team

Your construction team and designer already know each other and are used to working together. Your designer knows where your builder excels, and your builder has already advised them about what their pet features cost to create. Your builder knows how to work with the materials, vendors, and products your designers recommend. An established team plays to everyone’s strengths and functions efficiently. Everyone benefits.

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Eliminates Confusion, Competition, and Ego

Unfortunately during the design-bid-build process, the line of communication can be blurred. Every discipline thinks its priorities are the most important, and they aren’t accustomed to compromising or collaborating. You don’t want your architect at odds with your builder. When everyone on the team understands that they’re on a team, not on a solo mission, the final product is more cohesive and the process is much more productive and pleasant for everyone involved.

Faster Delivery Time

Design-build remodels finish on-time more often than design-bid-build projects. Streamlined communication, a shared vision established early, familiar teammates, and a clearly-articulated process all set the stage for an efficient build that leaves you with the results you’re after sooner.

Why is Oxland the Best Design-Build Contractor for My New Hampshire Remodel or Custom Home?

We know you’ve got some great options for builders for your Seacoast custom home or remodel. We’d love to be considered for the design-build residential project you’ve got in mind. Not only would we be honored to be part of the story of your forever home, but we’re also confident you’ll love living in the reality we create together. Here’s why Oxland Builders are the best remodelers in Coastal New Hampshire

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Our Values

Our company values, kindness, dependability, commitment, and honesty drive our daily decisions and our big dreams. Oxland Builders is committed to providing creative solutions and superior craftsmanship to enhance the lives of our clients and nurture employee success. Your experience is at the heart of our mission, and we want you to feel like it at every phase of the construction process.

Our Skills and Your Experience

Our superior work product speaks for itself. Check out our gallery for even more proof of the majesty of design-build results. Beautiful results that stand the test of time are the most important goal, but your experience during construction matters too. We can deliver premium results for both. For example, our cloud-based BuilderTrend software keeps you informed and involved at every step of your planning and building.

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Our Personal Connection

You’ll feel it when we meet. Ultimately, the right home builder or remodeler for you is the one that feels like the best fit. We promise to make you feel heard, important, and delighted during our collaboration, and we’re excited to meet you and hear about your project. Introduce yourself today!