You’re excited about remodeling your home, but a little nervous about how it will all play out. How disruptive will your home remodel be to your family’s life? What kind of impact will your home remodel have on your daily activities? These are common questions we hear from our clients.

Can you stay at your home during your remodel?

In most cases, the answer is yes—if you have the right contractor. The Oxland team has been building and remodeling homes on NH’s Seacoast and in Southern ME since 2003. Since remodeling homes is one of our specialties, we have the skills and experience required to complete your project with as little disruption as possible. Of course, with extensive, whole-house renovations, each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Working with experienced home remodeling professionals:

At Oxland Builders, our entire team is trained on how to make staying in your home during a remodel as safe and trouble-free as possible. When you work with our experienced team of home remodelers, you can expect the following:

1. Trust & Respect

Oxland has an outstanding reputation as a leading custom home builder and remodeler in New Hampshire and Maine. We hire only the most skilled, experienced, and trustworthy professionals who will display courtesy and respect every time they enter and exit your home. Our team will only enter your designated project area, ensuring your privacy. Every Oxland worksite contains a portable toilet for our team.

2. Safety Protocols

Our team is trained to follow all appropriate safety measures to protect our employees, your family, and your home. All tools, equipment, and chemicals will be properly used and put away each day.

The Oxland team installs a new marble countertop. Floors are completely covered and protected during the entire remodeling process.

3. Protection of Your Home

Throughout the entire home remodeling process, the Oxland team is vigilant about protecting your home—from your door openings and wall corners to your carpet and flooring, to your furniture.

4. Entrance and Exit Plan

We recognize that every family has busy lives and varying schedules. We will work with you to establish expectations regarding when and where our team should enter your home.

5. Set Work Schedule

Prior to starting your home remodeling project, we will establish a regular work schedule so you and your family can plan to set quiet and private times in your home each day.

6. Dust Control

During your remodeling, Oxland Builders uses the latest tools, technology, and practices to ensure that your home remains as clean as possible. We bring our own air cleaners to every job, so there is less of a burden on your HVAC system.

The Importance of a Pre-construction Meeting

Before your remodeling begins, the Oxland team will set up a Pre-construction Meeting with you to review the specifics of your project and ensure your expectations are met. This also helps ensure that your project runs smoothly, is completed on schedule, and stays within budget. Contact the Oxland team for a full copy of our Pre-construction Meeting document.

Expert Home Remodeling Services – NH Seacoast and Southern ME

Oxland Builders provides expert home remodeling services in NH Seacoast and Southern ME. Our skilled and experienced team will complete your remodel with minimal disruption to you and your family. Contact us today to discuss your project!