Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” you have in your home? For many of us, what we keep in our homes—from books and magazines to shoes and clothes, to our favorite collectibles—seems to grow with each passing year. A great way to solve this problem is to add custom built-ins. 

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Custom built-ins help reduce clutter and streamline the overall appearance of your home by allowing you to properly store or display everything you own. “Our woodshop can design beautiful, custom shelving, cabinets, media centers, or whatever other built-in you need to organize the contents of your home,” explains Brad Sawler, owner of Oxland Builders.

Maximizing your space with custom built-ins.

Unlike store-bought storage pieces, custom built-ins are designed to your exact needs and room layout requirements, maximizing your overall space. “Store-bought storage options tend to occupy a lot of space in a room and provide less-than-optimal storage,” he says. Sawler points out that custom built-ins are particularly valuable when you have a small or awkward space. “We can build virtually any storage piece you need to maximize your space—whether it’s a small corner or an oddly-shaped wall,” he adds.

Form plus functionality.

Custom built-ins not only add more storage and organization, but they look good doing it! They provide a finished look you simply cannot get with mass-produced storage pieces and offer virtually endless design options. You can choose whatever style, wood, finish, or hardware you want to suit your personal taste. The result? A highly functional, balanced, and visually appealing space.

Made to last.

Most store-bought storage units are produced on an assembly line, using inferior quality materials like MDF. “Every built-in we sell is custom-made in our workshop—from the highest quality Colombia plywood. The end result is a beautiful, quality storage piece that will stand the test of time,” Sawler points out. 

Custom Built-ins in Seacoast NH and Maine

If you’re looking for custom built-ins that are made to last, contact the professionals at Oxland Builders. Our designers and builders have over 40 years of combined experience. We serve New Hampshire’s Seacoast, including the towns of Dover, Exeter, Hampton, New Castle, Portsmouth, Rye, and Stratham. We also serve Kittery and York, Maine. Visit our website to learn more about us.