Lots of change is happening at this time of the year: new school routines, the weather is changing, and the days are getting shorter and colder. More and more time will be spent inside, cozied up and safe from the dropping temperatures. In order to make sure that your home is ready for the long trek through winter, there are a few simple but important things you can do to make the changing of the seasons more manageable.

Is Your Roof in Good Condition?

Your first line of defense against the elements is your home’s roof. If there are any weak spots, you could pay for it with leaks, structural damage, or even a higher heating bill. A quick walk through your attic should be able to tell you if your roof is in good condition or not. You shouldn’t smell any mildew or dampness, and there shouldn’t be any gusts or drafts coming through from the outside.

If you don’t have an attic, take a walk around and look at the condition of your roof. Are there shingles missing? Can you see any spots that look caved in? Are some areas discolored, or simply look like they may need some attention? Leaks can be tricky to nail down, so hiring a professional to help you find and fix weak spots is a wise investment that could save you hundreds of dollars down the road. Waiting until after the winter to deal with issues might leave you with a bigger hole in your roof, and your wallet.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

Your gutters have an essential role in the health and structure of your house, starting from the top down. Properly installed gutters will take the water away from your roof and safely drain it into the ground. If your gutters are damaged or not working properly, your whole house could pay the price. When water sits in a clogged gutter, it slowly starts eating away at the wall that it is next to. Water always looks for the quickest way down, and if your gutters aren’t the fastest channel, water will start seeping down your walls, and possibly into your attic.

Cleaning your gutters may be one of the least-liked jobs when fall rolls around. Getting rid of all of those leaves that have gotten stuck in the drains is a hassle. There are ladders and gloves involved, and chances are it’ll be cold and wet and unpleasant. But the payoff is more than worth it in the long run. Make sure that your water is being diverted away from your house while you’re checking the gutters; it’s only half a job done if you make sure the water can drain, without knowing where it is draining.

Getting the Yard Ready for Winter

There are other basic steps that can help your winter prep go more smoothly for your home and your family. Mowing your grass one last time, and even mulching leaves can help prepare your lawn for the spring.

While working outside, if you see any big gaps between windows and walls, take the time to re-caulk those spaces. It can keep winter outside where it belongs, and will ultimately keep your heating bill down. If you wait until you feel those drafts of cold air seeping in from the outside, you’ve waited too long.

Finally, before the big winter rush hits and people are scouring store shelves for salt and shovels, why not be proactive and get a head start? If you have a long driveway or sidewalks in front of your house, use little dowels or snow stakes to mark out where to use your snowplow and shovel when you finally have to use them. This can keep you from digging into your lawn or damaging your pavement. Making sure you have good working shovels can save you time and backaches later on.

Your NH Home Repair Experts

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