If you’re like most busy people, you don’t have the time or tools to manage all of your minor home repairs and maintenance. Perhaps you’ve got some rot on your front door . . . or a burned-out light bulb in your high-ceilinged chandelier . . . or a loose banister on your stairwell. These and other small home maintenance jobs can take a toll on your nerves—and the value of your home.

Don’t Put off Those Small Home Repairs

We get it. Home repairs and maintenance is a lot of work. And you’re busy with all that’s involved in your daily life. But if you put off minor repairs for too long, they eventually become larger, and oftentimes, more expensive problems. This is where Oxland Services, the handyman division of Oxland Builders, comes in.

Oxland Builder’s Handyman Service

The professionals at Oxland Services can take care of virtually any minor home repair—interior or exterior. Just call us at 603.772.2260 or contact us online and we’ll come out and take care of it for you. The cost is $120 for your first visit. If we complete your job within an hour, that’s all you’ll pay. If it requires more time, you’ll pay an hourly rate.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Handyman Service

If you’re wondering if Oxland Services can help you manage your minor home repairs and maintenance, consider the benefits of hiring a professional handyman service:

  1. Saves You Time.  Keeping up with small home repairs and maintenance takes time. This is why you haven’t done them already! Hiring a professional handyman service will help you check some things off your home maintenance list and allow you to spend more time doing what you love.
  2. Ensures the Work is Done Right.  If you lack the time, tools, and experience, even the simplest home repair jobs can be overwhelming. Hiring a professional handyman service ensures the work gets done right the first time.
  3. Preserves the Value of Your Home. If needed home repairs are done incorrectly or neglected for too long, they can lead to larger, costlier problems. It’s wiser to keep up with your minor home repairs over time, rather than trying to take care of them all at once when it’s time to sell.

Minor Home Repairs and Maintenance in NH

If you are in need of minor home repairs and maintenance, contact Oxland Services, the handyman division of Oxland Builders. Our OSHA 10 and RRP-certified professionals can help you with all of your interior and exterior home repairs. All of our handyman services are provided with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail for which Oxland Builders is known.