As summer continues to wind down, it’s a great time to get your home ready for fall. In this month’s blog, the experts at Oxland Builders share six things you should do to make sure your home is ready for nature’s toughest elements.

1. Take care of your lawn and garden.

There are a few things you can do right now to make things easier for you next spring:

  • Mow your lawn until the end of the season. Grass actually thrives during the cooler temperatures and will continue to grow.
  • If you only fertilize once a year, fall is the time to do it.
  • Overseed your grass about a month before the first anticipated frost to get it established.
  • Aerate your lawn to loosen compacted soil. 
  • Rake up leaves or do several passes over your lawn with a mulching mower. (The chopped-up leaves will decompose and nourish the soil in your lawn.)
  • Put your garden to bed, following these steps.
  • Turn off your outdoor water and drain your hose and sprinkler system.
  • Store your mower and lawn and garden tools and accessories in a dry place.

2. Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters. Consider installing a gutter screen or guard to prevent debris buildup.

3. Look for cracks around your doors and windows or in your foundation. Seal any cracks or openings around your doors or windows to prevent drafts and rising heating costs. Foundation cracks could suggest a serious problem and should be addressed immediately. 

4. Get a professional chimney cleaning and inspection. 

5. Take care of your roof. Hire a professional to remove any debris on your roof and trim any overhanging branches. If your roof is getting up there in age (20-30 years old) or shows any of the signs below, schedule an inspection to see if it needs repairs or replacing:

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Buckled or curled shingles
  • Granules in your gutter

6. Take care of any needed home repairs (e.g. rotted or broken stairs, doors, steps, etc.) before the harsh weather is upon us. 

Help with Home Maintenance and Repairs

If you need help getting your home ready for fall, contact Oxland Services, the professional handyman services division of Oxland Builders.  We can manage virtually any home maintenance or repair job, from fixing broken stairs to replacing doors and windows, to removing and replacing cracked or damaged siding.

Professional Handyman Services in NH, ME

Properly maintaining a home takes a lot of time and work. Let the home repair professionals at Oxland Services do it for you. We can tackle virtually any home repair job and you can count on us to get it done right the first time. The cost of our handyman services is just $120 for the first visit, with an hourly charge thereafter. Don’t delay. Contact us today to discuss your fall home maintenance and repair jobs.