Winter is that season you either love or hate; getting bundled up to brave the cold is an inconvenience to some while walking through a crystal-covered city is another person’s perfect afternoon. Either way, it takes just a little extra effort to get ready for winter. Keeping your home ready for winter is a little extra work as well, but these simple steps can help take the bite out of the season that can be so polarizing.

Keep the Outside Outside

Keeping the colder temperatures outside where they belong is an easy way to make winter more bearable. Open spaces, like doors, windows, chimneys, and garages are where the cold winter air tries to sneak in. Check your attic for any leaks or small openings that might be compromising your heat. Make sure your doors are closing properly, and are free of warping or gaps between the door frames. If you feel a draft around your doorways, consider installing weather stripping or using a door sweep to help with minor issues. If your doors have major issues, enlist the help of a professional. Windows should be well-sealed and close snugly; a simple coat of caulking can help in weaker areas.


Most people think of a chimney as a place where heat is centralized, but it is also an area where the cold can sneak in the fastest. To keep out the cold:

  • Keep your chimney clean and free of any creosote buildup; this helps the chimney do its job properly. 
  • Make sure there are no weak spots around the construction of your chimney. 
  • Close your damper when your fireplace is not in use.


Pipes are easily maintained throughout the winter with a few simple, yet essential, steps: 

  • Check your pipes for any leaks or fractures. This might be a sign that the colder temperatures are coming in. 
  • Look at where your pipes are located; if they are in areas that heat doesn’t reach easily, or if they are near the outside walls, invest in some extra protection in those areas. Small space heaters might be a good idea if your attic or basement freezes easily. 
  • Getting a professional to help you backflush your pipes can keep water from sitting and freezing when the winter hits.

Helping Homeowners in NH Stay Warm

We live in the same winter wonderland that you do, and we’re ready for it. Find out how we take care of the houses we work on, and what ways you can keep your home cozy as the winter rolls on through. Oxland Builders is here to help keep your house a place of comfort and warmth this winter season. Contact us to find out how we can help you get ready for the winter.